Erasmus+ for Security -Project

The main aim of the Erasmus+ for Security (E4S) project is to improve safety and security students’ and staff members’ as well as stakeholders dealing with refugees and/or immigrants ability to interact with customers from different cultures.

The E4S project aims to

  • Improve and increase multicultural competence among teachers and staff working in private security sector and in immigration services
  • Increase background knowledge of refugee crisis among teachers and staff in security sector from which also the authorities can benefit
  • Produce training material on these topics by sharing experiences and best practices between participating countries related to multiculturalism, pedagogy and comparing curricula
  • Raise awareness on birth mechanisms of extremism

E4S project will seek to meet this existing need by developing a teaching/training material package “Interacting with Multicultural Customers in Security”. The core idea of the project is that consortium of colleges and working life partners develop pedagogical methods and content for the vocational upper secondary qualification in safety and security or uniformed services (depending on the partner country). In Finland the content will be embedded into ‘International Security Operations’ module in Vocational Qualification in Safety and Security.

This will be achieved by further developing the already existing materials and international activities of the colleges that are part of the project consortium. The consortium will create a project website on which all learning materials are placed to be freely accessed by students and staff and by any new partner or public authority in the future. The materials finished within the project’s lifecycle will be piloted by partners and tested by students and company staff in in-service-training. This material will be assessed by public authorities such as the Finnish Immigration Service and private security companies such as Securitas. Local and/or regional security companies also contribute to the project by helping to develop the contents of the modules or by sending their staff to the transnational meeting and/or staff training workshops. In all participating colleges, cooperation between working life and education is written in strategic plans.

Comparison of the core content of national and local curricula in partner countries will benefit all colleges involved to the project in relation to transparency of qualifications. By embedding the material package or parts of it in the curricula, the contents and quality will comply with the criteria set by the national awarding and inspectorate bodies. By developing this material package, multiculturalism skills can also be taught to students who will not have, for whatever the reason, the chance to do a work placement period abroad.

Target groups of the E4S project are

  • Safety and security and uniformed services’ teaching staff
  • Safety and security students
  • Personnel of private security companies