Varia organizes multidisciplinary upper secondary vocational education for youths and adults among six different fields. The six fields offer more than 20 basic diplomas and in restaurant cook services Teaching is also in English. Currently, there’s about 3,800 students, of which 2,700 are youths and 1,100 adults.

Our goal is to give students basic skills required in work places; practical skills will be acquired by learning on the job. All our basic diplomas have at least 20 study credits work training and a period of learning on the job. Our students also work on assignments for customers all the time.

We work actively in co-operation with businesses in the area. The future employers of our students have a say concerning educational content, and can teach know-how according to the business requirements during the on-the-job learning period. According to a comparison by the Department of Education, graduates from Varia have better employment opportunities compared to those from other vocational institutes in the area.

Our students will graduate with a basic diploma according to their own progress plan. Students with a basic school education background graduate, on an average, in three years, and students with a matriculation examination background graduate in two years. After the basic studies in their own field, our students choose their study path according to their interests. In addition to studying by working together, our students also have an impact and are more relaxed together. There are plenty of Varia student activities, since we arrange happenings throughout the year, and students participate in the planning and implementation of them.

Varia has exchange programs as well as other cooperation with educational institutions and businesses in both Europe and the rest of the world. Globalization aims to promote tolerance, knowledge of other cultures, and placement in an increasingly globalizing working life.

Varia has many long-term partners eg. in Germany, The Netherlands and South-Korea. With these partners we’ve been able to develop curricula and teaching methods and through the European and global mobilities our staff and students have learned the knowledge, skills and competences needed in global working life.


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