TREBAG Property and Project Management Ltd. (TREBAG Ltd.) was established in 1989 as German-Hungarian company . Now the owners of TREBAG Ltd are Hungarian private persons from 1994. The activities of TREBAG have a multidisciplinary character ranging from project foundation to the implementation of results and dissemination. The scope of these activities includes:
▪ development of vocational training materials and methodologies including e-learning
▪ implementation of technology transfer and innovation chain management and technology transfers
▪ organization and management of various R&D projects
▪ R+D and management consultancy
▪ quality management consultancy
▪ dissemination and demonstration activities
▪ adult education
▪ health-related activities
TREBAG Ltd created the Innovation Lodge in Nagykovacsi and Well-being Living Lab in 2010. The Well-being Living Lab became a member of European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) in 2011.

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