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Galway Technical Institute (GTI) is the largest Further Education College in the West of Ireland. GTI prides itself on the level of education delivered to almost 4000 students per year across three different schools: 1. Further Education (QQI) 2. Adult Education (Hobby & QQI) & 3. Music Education. Certification is provided by the following bodies:  QQI (FETAC), ITEC, CIBTAC, City & Guilds, Apple and the Football Association of Ireland.


GTI’s mission is “to develop the knowledge, skills and competencies of our learners by designing programmes that are innovative and of high quality, and to deliver the programmes in a learning environment that reflects the complexity and challenge of a changing world.” GTI offers further education courses in the following areas:

Art & Design



Computing & Engineering

Health, Care & Beauty

Sports & Leisure


At GTI, we have experience in leading and managing Lifelong Learning Programme projects. We were  involved in a Portuguese led ‘Transfer of Innovation’ project No: LLP-LDV/TOI/2007/PT/14 in 2008/2009. One of our mobility partners EPTC was involved in this project. The product designed allows candidates involved in mobility  to develop a survival kit. This survival kit will be their guide once they arrive in the foreign country. Candidates will research various items such as local currency, weather, nearest train station and costs relating to living in the foreign country. Information can be found at This survival kit proves useful for students traveling on mobility.


Between 2009 and 2016, John McLoughlin has managed E+ / LDV-IVT projects at GTI and has increased the number of mobilities from 6 to 110 per year. In total we have provided 450 learners with the opportunity to avail of EU work placements since 2009. We have also managed KA2 Strategic Partnership Projects, Grundtvig, Partnership, Transfer of Innovation and VETPro projects.


Staff Experience:

John McLoughlin is responsible for the application and management of both KA1 and KA2 projects at GTI. John also managed the previous Transfer of Innovation projects and Grundtvig project at GTI. This involved financial management, contractual management and final reporting. Responsibilities included (a) Dissemination (b) Financial Reporting (c) Purchasing (d) Staff Selection


Both Principal (Geraldine Gibbons) and Deputy Principal (Alison Ward) at GTI are also experienced in IVT funding. They will ensure that project aims are achieved.


Therefore as an organisation, we have the capacity to deliver a quality assured project for the European Commission. The skills and competences gained from managing the above projects has provided key staff at GTI with the ability to manage both the qualitative and quantitative requirements of this KA1 application. GTI has now established a European project office and required resources are available for staff working on projects.


GTI has managed over 550 initial vocational training placements under the Leonardo Da Vinci/Erasmus+ projects since 2008. Xxn


With our experience working on various EU funded projects, we have developed financial expertise to manage project funds and to complete the required financial reports for Léargas. We have developed a large network of EU partners and have collaborated with them on many projects. Also, we have developed a large number of documents that assist us in the delivery of quality assurance in European funded projects. For example, we have developed many financial forms for GTI and the Galway, Roscommon Education & Training Board for processing bursaries payments and travel expense payments.


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